Our Expertise


Southern Pulse began in Latin America in 2004 and remains a Latin America focused organization, with most our our staff living and working in the region. Our core team has over 100 years of combined experience working on Latin America related issues.

Within the region, four pillars of practice define the Southern Pulse: security, politics, technology and economics.


Southern Pulse has significant experience with understanding clients’ security risks, from organized crime and street gangs to corruption, money-laundering, and cargo theft. Many of our clients work in areas where they may face direct contact with organized crime, extortion threats, potential supply chain disruptions, or exposure to corruption. Our investigators always consider how local threats could impact a client and offer realistic assessments for costs vs opportunities. We provide clients the best information possible on security risks so they can make intelligent decisions about their operations across the region. Southern Pulse focuses on the information environment and does NOT engage in physical security, executive protection, or emergency extraction. 


In every Latin American country, risk cannot be completely understood without a solid understanding of the political climate. Southern Pulse maintains situational awareness and an updated database of federal-level political risk across the region. Our clients also benefit more from understanding state-level and local politics. Understanding local politics helps mitigate the threats of corruption and prepare for shifting regulatory environments that companies focused only on national level politics would miss. The combination of national and local political intelligence provides clients a broad spectrum view of the potential risks and opportunities across a broad spectrum of interests and influence.


While Southern Pulse brings significant historical knowledge to our analysis of Latin America, we also recognize that technology accelerates evolution across security, politics and economics in the region. Advances in technology, from the ubiquity of cell phones to cybersecurity threats, impact client interests across all sectors. Southern Pulse monitors and participates in emerging technology trends to best understand how they impact our clients’ opportunities and risks.


Southern Pulse understands and analyzes the macroeconomic environment across Latin America, monitoring economic risks at the regional, national and local levels. Our sources and analysts provide ongoing information about potential financial or regulatory changes. Beyond the formal economic framework, Southern Pulse focuses on how black markets and informal economics impact the finances, business continuity and investment needs of our clients.