Core Team

Samuel Logan, Founder & Managing Partner: Samuel focuses on business development in the US and Europe and executive management of the company. He manages the overall cohesiveness of the Southern Pulse team, offering support across all practice areas and regions. Samuel supports source development and maintenance across the region, supports research design and collection regimes architecture for in-depth, long-term projects, and manages projects engaged outside of Latin America. Additionally, Samuel designs and implements all Southern Pulse training and capacity building programs designed for the US Intelligence Community, and a limited number of private sector clients.

James Bosworth, Partner & Director of Analysis: James oversees the Southern Pulse analytical framework. His team fuses information from open source data and Southern Pulse’s proprietary source network, ensuring that collected information passes through a robust set of requirements for stress testing and source confidence before client delivery. James assists business development and supports ongoing client needs in the region through a robust monitoring system he has refined over fifteen years of tracking and analyzing regional and global geopolitics. In addition, James directs research design efforts for long-term, in-depth engagements.

Eduardo Mills, Director of Operations: Eduardo oversees all aspects of Southern Pulse operations in the field. He maintains the integrity of our project management process by ensuring that projects are adequately resourced and completed on time, while managing client expectations and performing quality control checks on all of our work before delivery. Eduardo supports research design and collection regime architecture for projects across the region. He also oversees the integrity and security of the Southern Pulse collaboration platforms including email, voice, and chat communications.

Jay Applewhite, Director of Business Development: Jay leads Southern Pulse business development efforts and new product initiatives. He focuses on aligning Southern Pulse capabilities with client needs as well as developing the market for Global 1,000 companies operating and/or investing in Latin America. Jay also oversees the Southern Pulse marketing efforts to ensure a concise, clear message, while supporting Southern Pulse source maintenance and development across the region. 

Julio Cirino, Director of Southern Pulse | South America: Julio oversees business development in South America. He plays a fundamental role in client development and client-facing efforts with South America-based clients; he also assists with collection, and source maintenance and development across South America. 

Pablo Zeballos, Director of Operations, Southern Pulse | South America: Working with Southern Pulse in the U.S., Pablo oversees all aspects of operations for Southern Pulse | South America. Specifically, he directs field research and investigations engaged in South America, while supporting business development efforts and other operations in Central America.

Jessica Soto, Publisher, Southern Pulse | Info: Jessica manages the development and production of the content published by our private news service, Southern Pulse | Info - a service designed around the strategic intelligence needs of our clients. She works closely with our network of correspondents to support the needs of our enterprise subscription clients and the interests of our readers and subscribers. Jessica and her team also manage Southern Pulse social media efforts, and engagements with print and broadcast media.

Paul Calixte, Director: Paul manages all collection efforts that require database retrieval, or the use of local runners to obtain documents. He leads internal background checks for our correspondents, and other individuals Southern Pulse engages to join our network of collectors and contractors. In addition, Paul assists with research design for investigative due diligence projects and source maintenance and development in the Andes.

Rafael Saliés, Director: Rafael manages projects in Brazil and South America. He also assists with Southern Pulse business development efforts in Brazil. Rafael supports Brazil project research design and source development and maintenance in Brazil.